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Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Bioidentical Hormone Pellet therapy is increasingly popular due to successful patient testimonials. Patients report a feeling of balance and well being, as well as the cessation of numerous symptoms of hormone deficiency. The pellets are the size of a rice grain and are compounded by a pharmacist specifically for the individual patient. They are placed under the skin of the buttock, after a small incision has been made. Most patients experience discomfort comparable to having blood drawn. After local anesthesia is administered, insertion is completed in one to two minutes. The main benefit of the pellets is that blood hormone levels are more constant and may last 3-4 months. Other hormone therapies can lead to more fluctuations throughout treatment which is often not ideal for patient symptoms. Pellet therapy may relieve symptoms that occur due to fluctuating hormones such as hot flashes, irritability, malaise, headaches, and insomnia. Many individuals report a sense of well-being and restored libido. Hormone Pellet Therapy can be customized for each patient by measuring blood hormone levels and assessing symptoms. Patients return for new pellets at a scheduled time, usually in three or four months.

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Your Questions, Answered

Why not oral hormones?

All oral hormone tablets or capsules are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract into the blood stream. Then, they pass through the liver into systemic circulation. This results in an increased formation of clotting factors, which may lead to dangerous cardiovascular events such as pulmonary embolism, heart attacks or strokes. The higher risk of adverse events approaches twice that of other formulations. For these reasons, we avoid this mode of estrogen.