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Why choose a Women's Health Practitioner?

 A Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, or WHNP, is an advanced practice nurse who has advanced training, usually at the Master's level. WHNPs are nationally certified. They are licensed through the state to provide high-quality healthcare services that are unique. The focus of a WHNP is on health promotion, prevention, counseling, and healing. The variety of health issues treated is similar to those of an OB/GYN Doctor, with the exception of surgical procedures and delivery during pregnancy. They assist women in making wise health and lifestyle choices, becoming a "Partner in Health".

In the United State, many patients put their trust in nurse practitioners (NPs)- almost 600 million visits are made to NPs each year.

In the state of Arizona, WHNPs are allowed by law to practice independently- they diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions. A WHNP can order and interpret diagnostic tests such as bloodwork, Pap smears, and mammograms. It is within the scope of a WHNP to prescribe medications, perform procedures such as colposcopies, biopsies, and ultrasounds, and develop a treatment plan. In this manner, a WHNP can manage or coordinate a patient's overall care.

When compared with other healthcare professionals, studies have shown that NPs excel in communication. This is especially notable with regard to counseling patients and affecting healthy behaviors that have an impact on the patient, their families, and the community.

In summary, WHNPs deliver a unique blend of nursing and medical care, and provide individualized health teaching and counseling. WHNPs focus on holistic care, the whole woman, when treating health problems and this approach can have a positive impact on patients' lives. 

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